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Yanhua ACDP Module 24 New JLR(2018+) IMMO Module with License A702 for Jaguar Land Rover 2018- JPLA IMMO OBD Key Programming

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4 SK328: New JLR(2018+)IMMO Module 24 Yanhua ACDP Module 24 New JLR(2018+) IMMO Module with License A702 for Jaguar Land Rover 2018- JPLA IMMO OBD Key Programming
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Product Description

Yanhua ACDP Module 24 New JLR(2018+) IMMO Module with License A702 for Jaguar Land Rover 2018- JPLA IMMO OBD Key Programming
Yanhua ACDP Module 24: New JLR(2018+)IMMO Module with License A702

Yanhua Mini ACDP Module Introduction
Yanhua Mini ACDP User Manual

Module functions

1. Supports the new JLR (2018+) OBD duplicate key(JPLA-14C104-AF).
2. Support the new JLR (2018+) program new key by replacing RFA blank chip or RFA module.

Note: It is risky to replace RFA blank chip or RFA module, please be careful. We provide blank chip and blank RFA module supporting services.(the RFA blank chip and blank RFA module need buy extra)
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Module Features:

1: When writing data to blank chip, you don’t need to weld wire. App has automatic pin detection. Refreshing data is safe and reliable.

2: Our platform can automatically detect the communication condition of RFA modules, including blank RFA modules and RFA modules after chip replacement.

3: OBD programming, learning keys, simple and efficient.

acdp new jlr immo module 24 support models
acdp new jlr immo module 24 support keys
acdp new jlr immo module 24 app menu

acdp new jlr immo module package

Q: Does the ACDP Module 24 can unlock bcm 2020 AKL?
A: It can not do this.

Q: May I use this module to add keys for range rover 2022 SALKP9FU7NA002356?
A: In general, it supports, you can identify it in OBD menu to confirm first

Q:  I need to clone a jlr remote key, which remote works with acdp?
A: There is no limit for the keys, the afer-markets keys is ok.

Q: Does it support all key lost for 2020 Range Rover?
A: It does not support all key lost for Range Rover after 2018 

Q: I was wondering if I will purchase the new 2020 jaguar land Rover with master I will be able to replace rfa module and use acdp and job done ? No diagnosis tools needed? 
A: For the 2020 jaguar land Rover, you can purchase ACDP host + module 24 + RFA chip (can be welded) or RFA box (purchase box without welding directly)

Q: Can you do k8d2 add key without changing mcu?
A: For K8D2, need replace the MCU:
Replacement mode matching process:
1: Replace the CPU of the original car RFA module, and then use a clip to write blank data. (It can be directly replaced with a new RFA module)
2: Then through the interface board to identify the RFA module information, you can judge whether the chip is soldered well and whether the written data is correct.
3: Then load the module into the car, connect the host to the vehicle OBD, and then perform programming and OBD learning keys.


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Land Rover Jaguar 2018+ Add Key Done by ACDP Module 24

Tech Support

Yanhua ACDP New JLR(2018+)IMMO Module 24 User Manual
Module 24 Include the following functions:

Function 1

Add Keys by change Entire RFA Module or processor

There are two ways to program add keys:

Way 1: Add keys by change Processor

Way2: Add Keys by change Entire Blank RFA Module

How to Add keys by change Processor?

STEP 1: Remove the RFA module from the original car and take the processor off. (If change RFA Module can skip this step)

STEP 2: Solder the blank processor to the Original RFA module.(If change RFA Module can skip this step)

STEP 3: Use this clip Write RFA initial data (virgin file) into this Blank RFA module

(If the Blank RFA you bought already has virgin file inside, you can skip this steps)

Step4: Identify RFA Module(This step is for checking the RFA Module is communication and the initial file is write property in processor or not)

Step5: Put this RFA module on car

Step6: Program add keys though OBD

Faction2: OBD Duplicate key

OBD Duplicate key function currently only supports few
cars model around 2018-2019 years, the version is: JPLA-14C104-AF

(you can identify whether this car is this version through OBD).

And the duplicated key will not have intelligent start and keyless go functions.