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BMW  Module Programming
1:Support CAS1-CAS4+IMMO key programming and mileage reset through OBD mode.
2:Support CAS1-CAS4+key programming and mileage reset  by ICP
3:Support  CAS-CAS4+module replacement by read and write EEPROM and FLASH data through ICP.
4:Support FEM/BDC key programming and mileage reset by automatic mode.
5:Support  Fem/BDC module replacement by copy data and calculate data.
6:Support Bench mode, Can/OBD mode, Boot mode  read  and  write  BMW DME ISN.
7 :Support Bench mode, Boot mode clone BMW DME.
8:Support  instrument callbration of EMW full range
9:Support BMW E chassis/F chassis CAS) keys refresh
10:Support(FRM)Footwell module repair without coding.
11:Support BMW E chassis 6HP(GS19D) gearbox  refresh
12:Support BMW F  chassis 6HP gearbox refresh and cloning
13:Support BMW  E  chassis  8HP  gearbox refresh.
14:Support EMW  F/G  chassis  8HP  gearbox refresh.
15:Support EMW  all  ZF  8HP gearbox  clone.
16:Support  BMW  7  speed  dual  clutch (GETAG 7DCT/DKG)gearbox   clone.
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