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5th Anni Sale Yanhua Mini ACDP MQB48 Key Programming Mileage Correction Module 33 with License A608 Support Add Key All Key Lost

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6 VW IMMO: VW MQB48 Module 33 Yanhua Mini ACDP MQB48 Key Programming Mileage Correction Module 33 with License A608 Support Add Key All Key Lost
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Product Description

1. Mini ACDP Module 33 MQB-33 with License A608
2. Supports VW the 4th/4.5th generation and MQB 5A etc. IMMO and mileage correction
3. Can work with both ACDP-1 and ACDP-2 Master basic version
Yanhua Mini ACDP Module 33 for MQB48 Key Programming Mileage Correction with License A608

Whole set compact size 13 solder-free interface board with License for MQB48.
Module 33 work with both Mini ACDP and ACDP-2. ACDP hardware is not included.

Module function:  

Supports VW the 4th/4.5th generation and MQB 5A etc.IMMO and mileagecorrection
Add keys and All key lost for Volkswagen MQB48  (AKL need to get Synchronous data from third party)
Correct the KM of Volkswagen MQB48 Instrument Cluster

Module features:

1: Using a quasi-blind plug-in interface board, no need to cut line, no need tolift pins, and data can be read and written without welding nor damage.
2: The third generation PCB interface board locking technology independently developed by YanHua Tech makes the interface board locking more accurateand firm.
3: The software comes with pin detection function, making data reading andwriting safer and more reliable.

There are two kinds of interface boards:

- Lock Fastening Interface board        
- Thumb Screw-Fastened Interface board

Module Support:

MQB-74 interface board Supports type:
D70F3524 (A2C00889000)
D70F3525 (A2C81589600)
D70F3526 (A2C81589700)

MQB-75 interface board
D70F3525 (A2C81589600)
F70F3526 (A2C81589700) 

MQB-77 interface board
D70F3525 (A2C81589600)

MQB-78 interface board
D70F3525 (A2C81589600)

MQB-79 interface board
D70F3526 (A2C81589700)

MQB-80 interface board 
D70F3526 (A2C81589700)

MQB-82 interface board

MQB-81 interface board
D70F3525 (A2C81589600)
D70F3526 (A2C81589700)

MQB-83 interface board
D70F3532 (A2C81589500)

MQB-84 interface board
D70F3532 (A2C81589500)

MQB-85 interface board
D70F3537 (A2C81589800)

MQB-86 interface board
D70F3535 (A2C81589200)
D70F3537 (A2C81589800)

MQB-87 interface board
D70F3524 (A2C00889000)

Module Diagram:
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