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Yanhua ACDP-2 License Transfer-All License Transfer from ACDP-1 to ACDP-2

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2 SK247-B: ACDP-2 License Transfer Plan A Yanhua ACDP-2 License Transfer-All License Transfer from ACDP-1 to ACDP-2
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Product Description

Yanhua ACDP-2 License Transfer
Yanhua ACDP-2 License Transfer

If you have ACDP-1 want to transfer all your license to ACDP-2
For people who want to use ACDP-2 will have two choice

Plan A
is transfer all ACDP-1 License to ACDP-2 and delete ACDP-1 Device(acdp-1 can not use any more)
You can use ACDP-2 basic module $ 380
and License transfer fee $69
Total $449+shipping cost
Notice: After payment, please put old acdp-1 and new acdp-2 together to take a picture, and make sure to show both serial number in the picture

Plan B
is transfer some or all license from ACDP-1 TO ACDP-2 , and ACDP-1 license still can be use ,
That means you will have ACDP-1 and ACDP-2 two device
You will need ACDP-2 Basic module $380
License transfer fee will be 35% of the module price (same as YH store price) . You can send me your ACDP-1 device to check


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