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Yanhua ACDP Update: Check the Car Info by VIN Before Programming

Yanhua Mini ACDP update on 4th July, 2019: IOS user is able to check the car information using the VIN before programming, just upgrade your app from App Store. For Android version and PC version, it will be upgraded soon.

The reason to add this feature: 
With this feature, you can accurately and easily know if Yanhua Mini ACDP can program your keys or not.

Here, I'd like to imagine two occasions: 
Occasion 1. When you only know the car model and year, this software will help ensure the BMW IMMO is BMW CAS1-CAS4+or FEM/BDC.

Occasion 2. If all keys lost, it requires to read out the engine ISN code, but you don't know the ECU model, then this software will play its role, both users and dealers will find it's useful.
For example, when the dealer has no idea whether BMW 5 series 2017 can be programmed keys using Mini ACDP or not, which module to use, then the dealer just requires for the VIN to check the BMW information.

How to use Yanhua ACDP to check the car information by VIN before programming?