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Yanhua ACDP Full Package Total 12 Modules for BMW Land Rover Fujitsu CPU V-W MQB Key Programming

Yanhua ACDP Full Package Total 12 Modules for BMW Land Rover Fujitsu CPU V-W MQB Key Programming

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This package includes ACDP Master basic version and module 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12
1.Support BMW Full Key Programmer, like CAS1 to CAS4+ and FEM/BDC Key Programming, Read & Write BMW DME ISN Code by OBD and BMW 35080, 35160DO WT, also Refresh BMW Keys and BMW FRM Programming, BMW Gearbox EGS ISN Clearance
2.Support BCM Key Programming Support Add Key & All Key Lost from 2010-2018
3.Support JLR KVM IMMO from 2014-2018 Add Key & All Key Lost
4. Support Volvo IMMO from 2009 to 2018 Add Key & All Key Lost
5.Support MQB/MMC Instrument
6.Read & Write Fujitsu CPU MB91F
7.No Need Soldering
All functions included, no need to pay more!

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by Mr.D ARBA on Feb 27, 2020

Replied by Angela on Feb 28, 2020
You can use used hand keys, but you need refresh it
If you want to work it on 2005-2014 land rover, juguar, you need buy double can adapter:

If you want to work on old porsche, you can choose digimaster 3
by Mr.ferreira on Feb 5, 2020
Its a great and small tool, easy to use, compared to VVDI, R70, Upa and etc.
by Mr.Eduardas Jonaitis on Sep 5, 2019
Hello , acdp bmw full version work PC ?
Replied by Angela on Sep 6, 2019
Yes, it can work on both pc and mobile phone
by Mr.castro on May 28, 2019
i want to read b38 with acdp, which cable i need to use
Replied by Angela on May 28, 2019
you need use PCAN cable
by Mr.gregor on May 21, 2019
I like to buy yanhua full version. Do I have to buy another adapter with this full version?
Replied by Angela on May 21, 2019
Yanhua acdp full version come with full adapters

If necessary, you can buy Yanhua Mini ACDP RF Adapter and Yanhua BMW CAS3 CAS4 Tester together
you can check them here:

Some customers may buy these two adapters together, you may need them as well
by Mr.Master on May 8, 2019
Hello, some BMW from Brazil and I believe that also from other countries are being updated the versions of fem / bdc when the car undergoes a revision in the authorized dealer, many machines here in Brazil can not download the version to release the fem / bdc to to make new keys some equipment that do this are autohex2 and Autel maxis, I would like to know if even with the emulated fem / bdc the ACDP can unlock the version and make new keys as the autohex2 and autel maxis.
by kevin on May 6, 2019
hi, mini acdp will support volvo key programming? i check there is volvo on the list.
Replied by Angela on May 6, 2019
Yes, the factory now still testing it, it will be released soon.please keep waiting. Best regards!
by Mr.Frank on Jan 3, 2019
Hello, I made a fob for 2013 bmw 328, fem module, with mini acd programmer, the start botton works the engine turn but do not start .
The dme and fem need to be
Re sync by dealer. Does this programmer has re sync funtion?. It happen also in 2014 bmw cas4.
Any sugestion.

Replied by Angela on Jan 3, 2019
Hi, Mini acdp can not support re sync functions. The engineer asked if you always can not start the car with the original car key after you reset CAS4 and FEM Mileage, right? Best regards!
by Mr.Juan Guerrero on Dec 28, 2018
hi, mini acdp support vw all key lost? i have seen that it has this menu, but i can not open it.
Replied by Angela on Dec 28, 2018
Yes, Mini acdp can support VW all key lost, you need to buy Module 6 and PCF-key Adapter on our site: please check this link: Best regards!
by Mr.Daemon on Dec 28, 2018
hi, i have bought mini acdp with module 8, i want to do bmw function, but ask for BMD01 adapter, what other module i need to buy? thanks!
Replied by Angela on Dec 28, 2018
Hi,BDM01 adapter belongs to Module 1, you need to buy Module one together. Best regards!
by Rick PROD on Dec 28, 2018
hi, i want to buy mini acdp with module 1,2,3,7,8, it can support Remote control add key and remote open close?cas4 add key stater and remote open close work?should fem / bdc use only genuine remote control?
Replied by Angela on Dec 28, 2018
Yes,Mini acdp support full smart key remote control function, but your key must support this function, and when you use the mini acdp to write the key data, you need to choose KEY1ID and KEY2ID, the software will give you tips to do steps by steps. Best regards!
by Mr.corey on Dec 28, 2018
hi, i want to know if can mini acdp both do up to 2018 plate models? And all models within JLR and Porsche ?thanks
Replied by Angela on Dec 28, 2018
Yes, both support JLR and Porsche for 2018 models
by Mr.Jack on Dec 28, 2018
Hi, i have received my mini acdp, tested cas4 + yesterday and tested cas4 this morning. cas4 works well with remote control ,cas4 + does not work, can you help me ? thanks!
Replied by Angela on Dec 28, 2018
Hi, yanhua mini acdp also support CAS4+ remote, please check if your new key frequency are the same with your old key or not.Best regards!
by Mr.Josue on Dec 28, 2018
Hi, Yanhua Mini ACDP Programming support mileage adjustment for BMW FEM/EDC? thanks!
Replied by Angela on Dec 28, 2018
Yes, mini acdp support this, you can buy Mini ACDP Basic Module with Module 2.Best regards!
by Mr.jose on Dec 28, 2018
hi, i want to know if mini acdp can support all key lost for BMW f31 2017? thanks
Replied by Angela on Dec 28, 2018
Yes, you need to buy yanhua mini acdp main unit with ACDP Module 2 and 3,for bmw all key lost, you must buy ACDP module 3.Best regards!
by Mr.Sergio Martinez on Dec 26, 2018
hi, i just want to use yanhua mini acdp for BMW CAS mileage, which module i need to choose?thanks!
Replied by Angela on Dec 26, 2018
Hi, you just need to buy module 1, you can choose SK247-B1 on our site for BMW CAS System. Best regards!

by Mr.Mark on Dec 26, 2018
hi, when i use mini acdp to adding a fem / bdc remote control? , Should I have to use a genuine blank key for a new key? best regards!
Replied by Angela on Dec 26, 2018
Yes, must be new blank key.Best regards!
by Mr.tomi on Dec 26, 2018
hi,could you give me some instructions how to setup the second phone to the ACDP
Replied by Angela on Dec 26, 2018
Hi, you can not use two phone combining with mini acdp at the same time, if you want to combine with another phone, you need to united with your first phone. please check user tips here: Best regards!
by Mr.nelson on Dec 26, 2018
Does the digimaster 3 change BMW E34 1995 odometer
Replied by Angela on Dec 26, 2018
Hi, please confirm with me if your car is 0D46J CPU Type, digimaster 3 just can support your car for this type. Best regards!
by Mr.Plamen on Dec 26, 2018
hi, mini acdp can read EGS ISN 8HP? also 6HP? thanks
Replied by Angela on Dec 26, 2018
Yes, at present can support 8HP EGS ISN reading, will add 6HP in the future, need to buy special adapter, when the cost come out, we will put notice on our site. thanks
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